2020 In Review

As I look back through 2020, I think about all the things that happened. I started the year strong with my article in the paper and things went down from there. I was in the hospital for two weeks dealing with seizures. I came home and COVID-19 hit the world. I was stuck inside like everyone and then I broke my toe. The summer was okay since I was able to get outside and ride the tandem bike with my dad. School was different but okay. I had a couple of classes with other students and did well. I was able to better communicate on letterboard with my mom since the people that normally came to work with me, couldn’t come in the house because of COVID. My mom and dad have made this a positive experience. I am now officially ready to move on from COVID in 2020.

As we finish the year, I want to wish all of you Happy Holidays and hopes for a much better 2021! The next year HAS to be better.

Me and Mom

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