My Article in the Chicago Tribune

I was recently interviewed for an article in the Chicago Tribune. It was published on January 3, 2020. The article talked about how I use a letterboard to communicate. It was exciting for me to get my story told and help other families. The response was incredible. My blog had over 12,000 views from over 40 countries within 3 days. The traffic came from the article directly and from many social media reposts.

My mind has been blown by all of this support! I never knew this was possible and I am so happy. I really got stuck into wanting to be normal for a while and pushed myself into doing things that made me uncomfortable. I started school and doing more social things to try to make myself feel okay with who I am. Those things did not and still do not make me feel normal. They make my differences that much more glaring. I am different and different is something to celebrate! All of you reading my blog and the Chicago Tribune article have shown me that and you are amazing! I am promising myself going forward to not do things for the sake of fitting in. I encourage you to do the same this year.

I have attached a link to the story and as well as images for my international readers who told me they were unable to use the link.



  1. Mitchell,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words with the rest of us! I found your blog from the article in the Tribune being posted on Facebook. I will continue to follow your blog. I have two fantastic grandchildren with autism and one who is neurotypical. My grandson with autism is verbal and so far his sister seems to be developing speech, but we are waiting for words. Your blog and your life remind me to see them through their abilities and to focus on the best ways to help them communicate their feelings. I am eager to learn more from you and hope that you continue to have many successes in your life!



  2. Ever since I was diagnosed (I was late diagnosed, just last year at the age of 31), I have been trying to do that! To stop pushing myself to do things that make me uncomfortable and unhappy for the sake of other people, to do more things that DO make me comfortable and happy.. Everyone needs to live like that. Some people like us are different and enjoy different things than neurotypical people and that is okay!


  3. Cousin Valerie here (:
    It brings me so much joy to see that you are embracing being unique. You are a wonderful human being that is inspiring and helpful to so many others and I love seeing you grow and accept who you are. Everyone struggles with fitting in, but learning to love yourself is one of the biggest accomplishments one can achieve. I always knew you were bound to do great things, Mitchell we all love you so much!!!


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