Recommended Products

Many of Mitchell’s readers have asked for his recommendations for various products including leisure items, headphones, exercise equipment.   As a family, we decided it was appropriate to include a list of products that he uses and recommends with purchase links to Amazon.  People following these links to make a qualifying purchase will generate small referral fees to this site as an Amazon Associate.  Any money generated from this will be used towards paying a wage to Mitchell as he starts his career as an advocate for the autism community. Thank you, Philip and Susan Robins.


Digital Jukebox

CLICK TO BUY The motor plan for selecting music can be tough.  This Juke Box makes it easy—much easier than selecting music on an IPAD .  The Juke Box has been a hugely successful leisure activity for Mitchell.  It can handle being moved about but the extended warranty is a must.  I also recommend populating the buttons by hooking up to your computer as that is quicker.  I also recommend buying rechargeable batteries as it uses lots of juice.  The batteries below have green coloring on one side of the battery.  I put green stickers inside the juke box for Mitchell to orient the batteries correctly when changing them.

Radio – Rugged

CLICK TO BUY Mitchell received this is a Christmas present and he loves it. He can change the station from a preset group as he likes. We did put a cover over the AM button

Home Schooling

Talking Desk Calculator

CLICK TO BUY The buttons on this calculator are a bit larger.  The talking feature (which can be turned off) helps an auditory learner make sure the right button was pushed.  If the calculator is held up like a board so he can look at it straight on, he is 100 percent accurate pushing the buttons he wants.

Desk Calendar, Pad

CLICK TO BUY Mitchell has lots of activities during his day.  Every day is different.  So these large calendar pages allow us to keep track of who is coming to the house or where he is going every day.

Home Supplies

Weighted Blanket

CLICK TO BUY Mitchell uses this denim duvet. It has some heft, so functions like a weighted blanket but it easy to wash (unlike the actual weighted blankets). It also wears well. You can wash and wash! When we brought his denim duvet to the hospital, he was able to sleep. I lost count of how many nurses asked where we bought the blanket.

Medicine Planner Box

CLICK TO BUY Medicines and supplements are confusing to Mitchell’s helpers.  This organizer takes the confusion out.  I like the size of it.  Other ones I tried were not as good.


Doorway Pull Up Bar

CLICK TO BUY Mitchell uses this pull up bar with his personal trainer.  It has proven gentle on our door frame.

Kitchen Supplies

Cut Resistant Gloves

CLICK TO BUY Everyone should buy these gloves.  Cut away and no way to slice open a finger.  If you are a big person, make sure to buy large


Chuchik fidget cube

CLICK TO BUY This fidget is one of my favorites.  I like this fidget because it has many kinds of finger activities.  There are threesides I prefer: the light switch, the combo lock, and the four buttons. I like the rubber buttons

Rechargeable C Batteries 6Pack

CLICK TO BUY These batteries work well in the Juke Box. We bought two sets of batteries so that one set charges as the other is used.

Bean Bag Chair

CLICK TO BUY Bean bags are a favorite spot for Mitchell.  This one is larger in size and washable.  If you allow food and beverages on bean bags, I recommend you put the popcorn filling in extra-large garbage bags and then cover with the bean bag exterior.  The brown color blends in with furnishings.

Classic Video Rocker

CLICK TO BUY For watching sports or a full-length movie with dad at home, this gaming chair makes it easier to stay put for a long stretch.

60 Min Visual Timer

CLICK TO BUY Mitchell does not always need a timer for staying on task with boring subject matter, but when he does this one is discreet and age-appropriate looking.

Puzzle Mat Tiles

CLICK TO BUY Soma suggested using one tile propped on lap between desk to practice typing on IPAD.  Mitchell currently prefers putting the IPAD directly on the desk but we put Mitchell’s weights on this mat. It protects the tile from chipping and provides a visual spot to put the weights when not in use.


CLICK TO BUY These headphones are extremely helpful for Mitchell to regulate in noisy environments. He has had many types of headphones over the years but these have been the most comfortable. It is a balance of comfort, fit and style. Usually we remove the stuffing for most situations and only add it when we are at extremely loud areas like the movie theater.

Flip On/Off Alarm Clock

CLICK TO BUY This alarm clock is amazing! It is important to get up on one’s own. Mitchell is working on it. This alarm turns off by simply turning it over. No fiddling, no levers. When my alarm clock goes kerplunk, I am getting one of these for me too.

Training Slam Ball

CLICK TO BUY Mitchell uses this ball with his personal trainer.

Vegetable Slicer Tool

CLICK TO BUY This tool helps Mitchell cut onions into even slices completely on his own.  It also works for other veggies like zucchini.

3×3 Speed Cube

CLICK TO BUY I like this fidget because my two hands can work together. I have not solved it yet but it is fun to try. This one doesn’t have stickers to peel off

Smart Battery Charger

CLICK TO BUY This is the recharger used to recharge the batteries.  You will need two of these rechargers to charge all the batteries at one time. 

Razor Scooter

CLICK TO BUY This is an adult-sized scooter with bigger wheels and higher bar.  We own two of these.  Mitchell and a partner loop around the neighborhood on these.

Tandem Bike

CLICK TO BUY Mitchell and his dad have really enjoyed riding this last summer. Dad steers and brakes and they both pedal. They always get a “nice bike” on the rides

Big Weighted Pen

CLICK TO BUY A heavier pen makes it easier to hold a writing utensil.

Gamer Keyboard

CLICK TO BUY A friend bought a gamer keyboard for Mitchell and it has been easier for him to type over a regular keyboard as the keys have a more satisfying give than a typical keyboard. I recommend all typers use a gamer keyboard. It feels more like a typewriter in case you remember what that was like.

Red Light Bulb

CLICK TO BUY If light is needed in the room, use a red light bulb as it will not shift circadian rhythm  and suppress melatonin as much as a regular light bulb.  This bulb is in the closet and the closet door is cracked.

Plastic Bottom Hanger

CLICK TO BUY Mitchell hangs all his pants on these clippy hangers.

Weighted Workout Bar

CLICK TO BUY This bar was what Mitchell used until recently with his personal trainer.  He now uses more weight in addition to a bar

Silverware Holder

CLICK TO BUY Setting the table is a breeze as all the utensils needed are there.  He counts out number needed of each and brings to the table.

Mini Fidget Toy Set

CLICK TO BUY This is a three item set.  I like to put my fingers inside the ring item. The black box folds and collapses. The green and black piece has some good pressure buttons.