Holiday Gift Ideas

Some people are really struggling to give the right gift to a non-speaking autistic relative or friend. I put together a list of items that I have liked over the years. Some items I have outgrown like Buzz Lightyear. Some are learning gifts, many more are mainly individual activities and a few are sports equipment. A good gift is something I can do on my own like trains (when younger), a scooter or a boom box. Practical gifts are good but it has to be special. A team shirt is better than a plain one. I would like new University of Illinois and University of Minnesota shirts.

Unwrapping gifts is fun if there are not many presents. When I sit too long opening presents, I get nervous and I run away to my room. This year I plan to use my butterfly chair and a weighted blanket when I open presents because it feels like a hug which is calming. Putting multiple gifts in one box might help to have fewer to open.

In the list below, I include things that have been fun for me and might guide you. You can also see items on my Recommended Products page:


  1. Thanks so much for this blog it is eye opening. I will take your advice on gift giving and gift wrapping.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas


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