Epilepsy Awareness Month

It is epilepsy awareness month. I started having seizures when I was four or five. I didn’t have very many and they stopped for a while, but they started again when I was a teenager. It has been a huge battle that I am faced with regularly. I may not have them for long periods of time, but they inevitably come back. I have had countless hospital visits and missed opportunities, but it is something I have to accept. It makes it hard to participate in everything I want to because someone trained to work with me (epilepsy training) must always be there . There is nothing seizures will stop me from trying though, and I encourage anyone else who has them to keep on fighting!

In February of this year, I was hospitalized for my epilepsy. My blog You Have to Listen, details that experience and talks about the importance of using letterboard to communicate.

For more information about epilepsy, see epilepsy.com, cureepilepsy.org, rareepilepsynetwork.org



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