Holiday Giving

It can be difficult celebrating the holidays typically with an autistic person. The holidays are high stress and sensory. Here are my Top 10 suggestions for celebrating the holidays serenely.

  • Wrap gifts in bags with no tissue paper to avoid the sound and feel of wrapping/tissue paper
  • Avoid blinking lights
  • Use everyday tableware, so eating is not stressful
  • Give practical and age-appropriate gifts
  • Don’t expect large gift reactions
  • Really different sounds may overwhelm
  • Let them leave and return to the festivities as needed
  • Not all of the excitement is helpful, turn things down a bit
  • Give something that has good sensory feedback
  • Give the best gifts first

Also check out the blog I wrote a couple of years ago with gift ideas. Have a Happy Holiday!


One comment

  1. Mitchell, you have done it again. You have good ideas and insight here. There’s are very practical suggestions that will help for sure. We at the Schaut house wish your family Happy Hanukkah.


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