It has been nice to have some down time over the holidays. While down time has not always been my favorite, I am learning to embrace it. It requires a certain level of contentment with one’s self to appreciate. You need to be able to sit with your own thoughts, which isn’t easy. I used to battle my own thoughts constantly, so it was hard to just relax. Now I embrace my strengths and weaknesses and enjoy having some time to relax and reflect. I am proud of my accomplishments and will continue to aim high for myself. When you are confident you are trying your best, it is easy to sit comfortably with yourself.

I am unsure when exactly my mindset shifted. I used to believe I had to choose a positive mindset. That wasn’t the case here, when my mindset shifted and I began to be able to sit with my own thoughts. I think it was a culmination of my communication improving, so I could get more thoughts out, being around more people like me, and my body regulation getting better. This combination of skills opened up opportunities I could look forward to, which gave me positive things to reflect on. I am at peace with my thoughts now and can use the down time to grow and change for the better.


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