The World of School

School this year for me is different. I am now taking two virtual classes concurrently with other students plus three at my own pace like I have done before. All my classes have someone at my side to hold the letterboard. My classes give me new content to learn and that is good. At this point, Biology is my favorite but it is also the hardest. I spend a long time on Biology homework and since my mom is my communication partner for that subject, our communication on letterboard has gotten much better, which is good.

Now I must learn how to do group projects with other students. This has been more difficult than I expected. The other students can be helpful or difficult. How can I do my share if they don’t do their part? This is my challenge to overcome. Sometimes all I need is new insights from the teacher.

The most difficult part now is Zoom. Staying focused during a long class is hard. I am using fidgets (see prior post) to stay focused but that doesn’t always work. This will take me practice to get better.

I still want to try in-school learning again to see if I can do it. The world of school has many teams and I want to play on all of them. The school is the best place to try different types of learning methods. Sometimes the school makes the learning too hard to absorb depending on the environment so it is important that schools always try to adjust to the needs of the students



  1. Hi Mitchell,
    Thank you for sharing your feelings and ideas so openly and thoughtfully, yet again. Please remember you are not alone- even when you feel that you are. Home school is difficult for so many reasons- other kids feel this way- even kids that do not have autism!! Although I’m sure you feel a layer of difference, there is also a sameness that connects. Keep doing your best and expressing yourself and your thoughts/feelings. That’s the best way to be heard and make a difference for yourself and others. You are truly awesome/amazing.


  2. Hi Mitchell,

    I give you a lot of credit for taking so many classes and sticking in there. I can tell you from experience that group projects can be difficult when everyone is not doing their part. Just do yours and the teacher will see.

    I just started my graduate program and everything is online right now. It has definetly been a learning curve for all of us.

    Hope you and the family are well, I know you will do great this year, keep it up.

    Theresa Anderson

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  3. Mitchell,
    Congrats on considering Biology your favorite but hardest!!! My hat is off to you. Working in teams with other people can be difficult. They are a part of school and work, unfortunately so you have to learn how to manage it. It isn’t fun, though.
    I love that you want to be on all the teams at school! Keep up the good work!


  4. Hi Mitchell. Like Biology too.Iam taking two on line classes too.Poetry and Cold War history.My other classes are on Khan academy. aim lucky I have a full time CP three days a week. We do a lot! good luck with the group project.


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