Distraction Fidgets

I recently got some new fidgets. I have never been very into them, but I have gotten really into them this time!  Many of them let me have a more relaxing time at my desk instead of running around the house all the time.  These give me a distraction that makes me stay at the desk and stay focused on my school classes.  It is most useful when I am in Zoom class and the other students are sharing and the topic can change and I lose focus and have a hard time sitting. These may be good for others adjusting to remote learning.

Check out my Recommended Products page for other product ideas.

Chuchik Cube: This fidget is one of my favorites.  I like this fidget because it has many kinds of finger activities.  There are three sides I prefer: the light switch, the combo lock, and the four buttons. I like the rubber buttons
3×3 Speed Cube (generic Rubik’s Cube): I like this fidget because my two hands can work together. I have not solved it yet but it is fun to try. This one doesn’t have stickers to peel off
Mini Fidget Toy Set: This is a three item set.  I like to put my fingers inside the ring item. The black box folds and collapses. The green and black piece has some good pressure buttons.
Playing Cards: I like to take these out of the box and put them back in. The tight box is the key.
3D Pin Toy: This feels really good on my hand and makes me feel my fingers more.
Regular Stickers:I like to peel these off and put them on my letterboard. Any regular stickers will work. This pack is cheap.

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