Remote Learning

I just started remote learning and there are a lot of unexpected challenges. The technology component has been a new adjustment for everyone, the teachers included. You can feel the nervousness in the air and it is kind of intimidating. I want to socialize, but I can’t with the online platform. The first week was tough, but this week has been better. I feel more comfortable and I feel like I can be more like myself with my peers. My classes are interesting and I am hopeful for the year. I think the remote learning option can actually be a great option for people with autism. It allows for inclusion, but without the social pressure of being in-person. I have the supports of my home and feel more free to be myself. I understand how hard availability can be for families when it comes to online learning, so I am grateful mine is able to support me through it.



  1. I am a graduate student studying Special Education. It is all online because of COVID. My work as a teacher is hybrid for now. It is hard for me to adjust as well! I was all excited to be taking my classes in person to socialize but COVID unfortunately took over. I am wishing you all the best with online learning. I enjoy reading your blog; I want to teach my students how to communicate like you do. Unfortunately, there are still so many people out there that assume you all do not have a voice, and I want to change that. I look forward to a new blog post! Take care!


  2. Happy to hear that remote learning is going well so far, Mitchell. I hope you’ll continue to share more about your experience with remote learning – it’s so helpful to get the student perspective!


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