My Broken Toe

This weekend, I had an accident and broke my toe (see x-ray picture) but for me staying away from the walking(restraining) boot was the difficult part. The first attempt failed and I needed to get a cast (see picture) to keep me from taking it off. I can’t touch my foot now because of the cast. The doctor said I would need it for four weeks to heal. I don’t know how I will make it that long without touching it. To stay away from touching things like this takes all the control I have. Telling me not to do it doesn’t work.

I think people should try to understand how difficult it can be for autistic people to not touch things and take them seriously. They need to ensure that the wrap on the injury can withstand frequent touching to let it heal.



  1. Oh Mitchell, I am so sorry you broke your toe! I’m very impressed that you are tolerating the cast. Good job!


  2. Hello Mitchell, be well and please do try to follow the Doctor’s orders. I am sure he understands it is difficult for you, but for the toe to heal there is no other way really.


  3. Ow ow ooowwww! Who knew toes we’re so important, right? I love your blog. I would like to follow more. I have a daughter who is on the spectrum. You might be able to help me understand her better. Good luck with that cast. I broke my leg very badly when I was a little girl and had a cast from the to hip for 6 months!


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