I am stuck in the house to avoid the coronavirus like many of you. I am being kept in isolation, away from all my therapists and teachers at this time. It has been difficult and they have been talking with me on Skype but it is not the same. My family has tried to replace them but they can’t do it all. The therapists really give me the necessary structure I need to excel. Sometimes I play at being really tired and the structure keeps me focused. They know exactly how to keep me motivated.

I am still really bored and am trying to do new things like going for a walk but I have a cast on my foot, so someone has to push me in a wheelchair. This is difficult, so I don’t go for as long as I would like. I am enjoying my indoor swing and I have gotten really good at playing Mario Kart:-)

One thing that has helped me is the online classes I take. They have taught me a lot about math, English, social studies and physics over the years. To me, this is how I like to learn so don’t be afraid to try it.

I know how difficult this time has been for me to keep busy so my parents just added a Recommended Products page to my blog with a list of things that I use for leisure, exercise and schooling. Check it out for some ideas.



  1. Tried to leave you a message earlier but it didn’t go through I don’t think. Glad to see you’re doing well with your classes online. And that you’re able to go outside for some fresh air. Love your new swing in the basement. We’re all kind of bored but we’re hanging in there Mitchell keep up the good work love and miss you. Grandma Judy turn


  2. Hang in there Mitchell, looking forward to seeing you “fingers crossed” in the hear future hopefuly. I’m bored too, home projects have really helped keep me preoccupied. Building all kinds of things for the house I have been meaning to get to. Like the online class outlet. Keep it going!



  3. Thank you so much Mitchell! I loved all your recommendations.. my son Kyle will definitely be buying some of these !


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