A Test on Being Alone

Today, all the people are being given a test on being alone. I have been alone for most of my life inside my body. It can be difficult for me sometimes to take the steps and get outside myself and tell the people that I love that it is ok to be alone. Being alone is difficult for me but it can be helpful to appreciate what you do have. Taking solitude gives me some calm to handle what comes next. Being alone feels good if somebody is nearby to make sure you are ok. Tell the people who take care of autistic people to make sure to allow them time alone. It can achieve so much.

One of my blog readers (thanks Marc) sent me a song by Graham Nash in this video. Marc said it was written about Graham’s band-mate, Neil Young’s non-speaking child. My parents cry every time they listen to it, thinking about the journey to connect me to the world using letterboard. Before I had that communication, I was truly alone…


  1. Great advise Mitchell, and excellent insight as to when you were totally non-communicating. I remember it well, and tried very hard to communicate with you. This advise will help others as well as those of us coping with this isolation we aren’t used to. Thank you. Love, Grandma Judy


    • Mitchell,

      Your thoughts on solitude and how it can be “helpful to appreciate what you do have” made me think. If any good comes out of our current reality, I hope it is that people learn, through our shared fear & uncertainty, to have more empathy and respect for each other.

      I am so pleased to see that you are doing better … except for your foot. I look forward to hearing about how that happened 🙂 Take care of yourself and your family. Miss you!

      Brian Zientara
      “Mr. Z”


  2. What a great post Mitchell. I went to college with your dad and I currently work with many students with autism as a speech-language therapist. Some of my kids are verbal, some are not. We use picture boards, signs, words, whatever we can to get our point across. I am glad you have found your way!


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