Seasonal Allergies – Part 2

I am having a hard time with allergies again since it is April (my post from last year is copied below with a picture comparison). Now it is affecting my sleeping and concentration. Thankfully, the behaviors from last year are under control. Now all I have to do is get more sleep. Tell people to give allergy medicines to deal with new issues (behavior, concentration, sleeping) that could be allergies.

Seasonal Allergies – 4/2019

It may sound like I have a behavior problem when I tell you about my last few days, but I am really affected by seasonal feelings from allergies. They make me have a hard time controlling myself and stopping my impulses. I hit my mom and almost hit one of my dear therapists because I lost control of myself. I didn’t hurt her at all, I more so scared her because I haven’t touched anyone in over a year. I didn’t even know what I was doing until it was over and it scared me because I love them and didn’t want to hurt them. I think if people understood how the environment can affect people with autism, the world would understand our behavior more. I have a lot of control usually, but allergies can change that in a second. I see people with autism being labeled with a behavior problem all of the time when it is obvious to me that their environment is the cause. The picture shows how my eyes are affected by allergies. This is a shorter post, but I thought it may be helpful.



  1. Hang in there Mitchell! Good to see you are posting about your allergies and the affect they have on you to help others understand. Hopefully we can get last the allergy season and get to spend some time in the sunshine when this is past us all.


    • Hi Mitchell!
      Allergies sure aren’t fun. We struggle with them at our house too and it’s beyond frustrating. Hang in there and thanks for sharing your insights to help others!


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