Face Masks

In the new COVID-19 world, many of us are being asked to wear face coverings in public. Easy for some people, but it may be problematic for others with autism. To someone with autism, telling them to wear a mask reinforces how controlled they can be, especially if they don’t have really good communication. Try explaining how helpful wearing a mask is to them and others.

To get used to wearing the mask, I went for a long bike ride. This helps to associate wearing the mask with something fun rather than a chore. I also tried wearing it with headphones and it didn’t feel as awkward. Really try different things and see what works. Taking small steps at home now will help for later. That has helped me with sensory issues in the past.



  1. I really like your ideas of doing something fun while wearing the mask to get used to it! We are all trying to get used to a new life experience!

    Glad you are doing well!


  2. Sewing buttons on baseball caps to spare your ears from discomfort and putting a scent you like under your nose are also very helpful. Be well, Teri Steinberg


  3. Very well written! I do not have a child with Autism, but I do have a good friend in Las Vegas whose son is also a teen with Autism- I will share your wonderful article. Thank you and keep up the great positive and informative work (or rather, passion) 🙂


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