My Mom is Wonderful

Yesterday, my mom was sick and really felt bad. She makes my day great so I miss her so much when she is sick. Thankfully she is feeling better today. Her constant affection reassures me not to worry. Her love makes me feel special and helps me really appreciate what she does for me each day. I love her so much that I don’t know how to express it so she can see it. I feel like I am the luckiest person for being her son. Her terrific talents are the reason I have made so much progress over these last many years. She supports me with therapy, teaching and being my mom. Happy Mothers Day!



    • Dear Mitchell,

      I have read a few of your posts with a lot of joy and tears in my eyes. I am also the mom of a 5 years old autistic boy also non-verbal. I am desperately looking for solutions and ways to help him communicate. I would give everything I have to hear his little voice calling me. But in the meantime we still communicate on a different level. His eyes tell me how much he loves me every day.

      I am happy to read your thoughts and to see you are doing good. My biggest worry since I know my son’s diagnosis has been about his future. But you re-assure me on that front. Keep up the good work, u are such an amazing person and I am looking forward to read more of your posts!

      Best regards to you and your lovely mom,



  1. Dear Mitchell’s

    You are a lucky young individual!
    You are extremely talented and emotional ly intelligent.

    Looking forward reading your next blog!

    Hope your moms keeps getting better


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