Opening the World Again

I have not been able to do really significant work this year since the world is closed. The year touched so many aspects of my life. Between my hospitalization for Epilepsy in February and this virus in March+, I have not done much outside my house. The lockdown canceled my therapy sessions since the therapists couldn’t come into the house. They tried to go online but it didn’t work enough to help. My class in the school also went online. These things backed me up in my progress.

To get things going again, my sister is helping now that she is done with college for the summer. Thanks Gwyneth! The school is preparing to open in the fall. It is my hope that we will have easy COVID-19 testing available soon so my therapists can come back. Thankfully summer is here so I can get outside. I can’t wait to start meeting new people someday.

One comment

  1. Mitchell,

    Your last post about your mom made my mom cry, and she is not the sentimental type. You are definitely very lucky to have her in your corner!

    I agree with you about getting outside and hopefully reopening some in the coming weeks. I only hope people follow the rules so we get out of this sooner rather than later. Hope all is well and keep your chin up. We’ll all get through this.

    Mr. Z


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