Seasonal Allergies

It may sound like I have a behavior problem when I tell you about my last few days, but I am really affected by seasonal feelings from allergies. They make me have a hard time controlling myself and stopping my impulses. I hit my mom and almost hit one of my dear therapists because I lost control of myself. I didn’t hurt her at all, I more so scared her because I haven’t touched anyone in over a year. I didn’t even know what I was doing until it was over and it scared me because I love them and didn’t want to hurt them. I think if people understood how the environment can affect people with autism, the world would understand our behavior more. I have a lot of control usually, but allergies can change that in a second. I see people with autism being labeled with a behavior problem all of the time when it is obvious to me that their environment is the cause. The picture shows how my eyes are affected by allergies. This is a shorter post, but I thought it may be helpful.



  1. Mitchell, this is very interesting. My autistic grandson is also impacted by seasonal allergies. We never thought about the link between allergies and behavior. Thank you!


  2. I know a young guy around your age who is also autistic — and who also has a really, really tough time with dreadful seasonal allergies. He and his parents and I worked for several years to try to educate his teachers to better understand the impact of his allergies on his coping and functioning skills. The goal has been to increase their awareness so they can be more mindful about giving him some extra time and space to re-regulate (while he still can, before he loses control) when his body is literally under attack from half the trees and grasses and flowers around him. I’m going to share this with him. I hope it will help a little for him to know he’s not the only one. Thanks for writing it.


  3. Thankyou for sharing your perspective Mitchell. I would love to follow your blog. I work at a primary school and your insights are really helpful. Thanks


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