Simple Motor Plans and Dealing with Them

I have trouble getting my body to do what my brain wants. Sometimes I do just fine, but other times I can’t get it right. I do things really fast and struggle to slow down. It causes me to pick things I don’t want and miss where I’m trying to go. I am working on slowing down by training my brain to think about each step. A lot of people with autism struggle like I do and people just think we don’t know how to answer questions. I challenge you to think about how you are asking them! Maybe if people took the time to understand our motor issues, they would see that it isn’t the question we can’t answer, it’s the way we’re being asked to respond. You are onto something if you can piece that together for your loved one with autism! On the topic of motor planning, there is a lot of research, but not enough on autism specifically. I can make a difference for individuals though and I hope my blog helps someone!



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