I have now given two presentations about letterboard, but I hope to expand them to autism in general in the future. I have found I get anxious because I am excited, so I have found strategies to prepare. First, I make a Powerpoint. I include all of the main ideas and videos of me working. I then type my whole presentation into my TouchChat communication app on my iPad. I can save what I typed into specific buttons, so when I press that one button it says the whole statement. I use these buttons when I present to save time and energy. My dad holds the microphone up to my device, so everyone can hear what it says. I love when people ask questions at the end and I type my answers on the spot. I have gotten more comfortable with presentations and I hope to do research on autism, so I can do more presentations about autism as a whole in the future.

My presentation about letterboard at the Lynx Project event at North Park University


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