My New Epilepsy Medication

I recently changed my epilepsy medication because of my hospitalization. It has been a positive, but difficult transition. It has changed the way my seizures have affected me, which is great! The only downfall is some terrible mood swings. They happen quickly and I can’t control them. One second, everything is hilarious and the next there are tears running down my face. I also feel like I have to move more than before or it hurts similar to muscle aches. Sometimes medications impact my mood, but it doesn’t dull my spirit. I am aware of it, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. I am stronger than my meds are and this won’t slow me down. I do hope my body adjusts soon though.



  1. I love that you know your body so full and can describe how well the medication makes you feel. What a great attitude…You ARE stronger than them and will adjust. I love that photo of you! You look so happy.


  2. Have you asked your doctor to try CBD oil instead and wean off the pharmaceuticals? Many people get relief from their seizure disorder by using CBD oil and without the harsh side effects that traditional medication comes with.


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