The Attentive Dad

I am sitting with my dad and writing a blog about being a good dad. He tries very hard to work with me and I love him for it. He always helps me to be positive to negotiate with life’s challenges. He never lets me have a negative attitude because he really loves me a lot. He always can talk at a better level of calm with me. My dad can give me a stable environment to make talking easier. It never matters what the situation is, he always knows what to do. I am grateful to have a dad that is so involved with my therapy. It helps tremendously that he is involved because he can always push me to be better. Whole family involvement is what has gotten me this far because they all have something different and valuable to teach me. My dad teaches me strength and to push myself.



  1. Great Post Mitchell! Great Dads are so important! My kids are very lucky to have a super dad as well! Your parents have so much to be proud of with you! I love reading your blogs! Have a great week!

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  2. Hi Mitchell, not sure if my last comment went through as I wasn’t logged in…. Anyway, great post! You are so lucky to have an amazing Dad who clearly loves you a ton. I think he’s equally as lucky to have a sweet son like you who recognizes and appreciates all he does! My two kids who have autism also have an amazing Dad who works so hard for them and loves so much! I pray that some day they can express themselves like you can! Thanks for posting. I love to read your blogs!


  3. Mitchell, you are blessed with a loving father. He is blessed with a son who appreciated him!


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