A New Venture

This week, my family opened Amplifying Potential Therapy in collaboration with my friend and SLP, Taylor. I am very excited about this venture because it is in line with my life goals to make letterboard more accessible to non-speakers. I have a unique opportunity to both receive services and inform services offered for other people like me. It is changing my perspective to see how many different kinds of people can benefit from using a letterboard. I hope our office sets an example for all therapy practices that serve autistic people, showing how helpful it can be to include autistic voices in decision making.

In my life there have been very few environments designed with me in mind. It feels amazing to finally have a place for me. I hope it can grow into somewhere everyone feels welcome. It brings me joy to hear about little kids coming to the office because I think my life would have been much better had I started spelling at that age. I am so excited for the future.


One comment

  1. Congratulations, Mitchell and Taylor! This is such amazing news! You have my support in however I can provide it to your family in this venture. Thank you for your continued advocacy. You are an inspiration.


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