Spellers Movie Review

On Sunday, I saw the Spellers movie and participated in a Q & A after the movie. I was unsure what to expect because it can be difficult to portray such a complex topic in a short time. I was pleasantly surprised by how balanced the movie was. It was a story of hope and a promising future for autistic people and their families. I believe the film accurately described my journey. They featured devices and independent typing, which is my current level. They also featured people in the beginning stages, which I think is important for families to see, because it shows that there is a long process and a lot of hard work involved in being fluent on a letterboard.

Me participating in the Q&A after the movie

I thought the movie was compelling both for those who are knowledgeable about spelling and those who are brand new to the idea. They did capitalize on emotional appeal a lot, and I felt some more time could have been spent on talking about the process and motor planning. After the movie, many people had questions about devices and I think this was because the movie wasn’t as clear as it could have been about the transition from low-tech to a keyboard, and why we don’t just start by using a keyboard right away. Overall, I loved this movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about spelling.


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