Summer is always an exciting, yet nerve wracking time of year. It means more relaxing and hang out time with friends. It also means more time to think and plan for next school year. This year has been particularly stressful because I graduated high school and am starting transition.

I have been enjoying more leisure time and groups with friends. It is always nice to have therapies as a constant. It is difficult not being able to visualize what the school year will hold. Sometimes people will try to reassure me that it will be a good year, but even if it is the best year, the unknown is still intimidating.

I like to know what’s coming because it helps me emotionally prepare. I feel best when things are expected or at least when the people are familiar. When at least one person is familiar I feel safe and know I’ll be supported. When everything and everyone is new I fear I won’t be taken care of. This fear has grown as I have gained a better understanding of my medical needs. I’m hopeful that a monthly planner will help me feel more secure as I prepare for the school year ahead in college.

“Relaxing” on Lake Michigan


  1. Hi Mitchell, I know what you mean. I moved recently, and even though it’s only several blocks away from my old place, it’s so different that there are a *lot* of changes to deal with, and it’s quite stressful. They are almost all good changes, but it’s still change! It’s hard. Manageable, but hard! The most important thing I’ve been doing that helps me deal with it is practicing self-compassion.


  2. Hey Mitchell,

    I really appreciate this post. I too am not a fan with the unknown. Growing up, I always struggled to transition from middle school to high school, from high school to college, and then (dun dun dun) into “the real world.” Keep believing in who you are and the journey. Keep feeding your greatest passions and interests no matter how big or small they are. I’ve taken to biking lately and that routine’s been great for me. Just know we’re rooting for you and feel you’ve got this.

    Steven Humes


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