Starting College

I am starting college this week. I am going to be taking online classes, so I can access class more easily if health challenges arise. I am very excited because I can get a college degree and help others. I have always dreamed of this and can’t wait to start. I am a little nervous because as with anything, college is designed for neurotypical students. Something I hope to accomplish with my college degree is helping make education more accessible for disabled students. If we had more inclusion in schools, the disabled population would be considered more in decision-making.

I will be working toward a bachelor’s degree in Community Advocacy and Social Policy from Arizona State University. According to the ASU website, “Graduates are prepared for employment in the social services arena, such as performing basic case management (benefit processing or certification); staffing hotlines or warmlines; referral, recruitment and volunteer coordinator positions; and prevention and education. In addition, advocate positions are part of many organizations and areas, such as hospitals and the behavioral health system. This degree program also prepares students to pursue graduate education.”

I’m most looking forward to learning about how to support historically underserved populations, because that is how I would describe autism. I have had a lot of avoidable situations happen, and they could have been prevented, if only there was more appropriate education about autism. I hope to change the ideas around autism for the better.



  1. This is amazing news! I cannot wait to hear about what you’re learning. You have so much to contribute to this world and I just know your voice will someday bring about much needed change!! What an exciting time!


  2. Go Mitchell!

    Creating space for neurodivergent students as decision-makers will have ripple effects in access and inclusion for people with autism and for many historically underserved populations beyond autism, as well. Community far and wide has your back! Enjoy the learning process 🙂


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