July 4th in Highland Park, Illinois

Sadly, on July 4th, a mass shooter killed seven people and hurt many more, as they were trying to enjoy the parade in Highland Park, Illinois. I am a resident of Highland Park. I was not at the parade on the 4th but my sister was there. She was close enough to hear the shots but far enough away to not be hurt.

Reflecting on this, I realized as a non-speaker, I would be totally lost in a situation like this or in any other emergency. If I get separated from a caregiver who knows me in an emergency, I am completely vulnerable. Not only would there be the threat of the shooter, I also would have no communication if I were to be separated. While I love my communication method, this is the main drawback: I can’t just spell with anyone who may find me in an emergency because they are not trained. It used to be a minor annoyance, but now it really scares me since this incident so close to home.

My family and I compiled a list of things below that could be worn in the event of an emergency. These are some great options (all pictures are links). I have used the first one and I am looking forward to getting another one. Probably a combination of the second and third one listed. These make me feel much more safe going in public.

This one can be attached to clothing or a backpack
This is a medical bracelet with custom medical information within a QR code that can be scanned
This is a more traditional medical bracelet that you can put any information you want on

this is a bracelet designed for those who may try to take their bracelet off. This bracelet is considered unremovable because of how the clasp is made.

This is a QR code that can slide onto any bracelet or watch.


  1. Mitchell, thank you for your post! My son Matthew who is 6 has autism. He does speak but not a lot and is working with letter boards as well. I have often worried about him getting out the right contact info should he get lost.


  2. Thank you Mitchell. My son is 13 years old and uses a letterboard. We read your blog posts about the medical bracelets and watched the news video of you. My son said: MAYBE YOU CAN GET ME A BRACELET LIKE MITCHELL.


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