I think the topic of adulthood is very scary for families of people with disabilities. It is a lot of pressure to decide what will be best long-term and choosing next steps are a lot of work. I am 19 now and I am no closer to having a plan than I was several years ago.

I have many goals and I know I can achieve great things. I know I’d like to have more independence and less one on one help. That would likely mean more time in groups, but I don’t know in what capacity. Most of my life has been spent alone with my family and therapists, but I feel I have grown to be ready for more. While I am mostly unsure of what I need, I do know I need to take more action instead of just thinking about it.

Mitchell with a tie

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  1. Mitchel, I am 19 and going through the same thing. I am making many little plans to make me more independent. The hardest part is not getting distracted. I hope you share your tips on your blog.


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