Decision Making

I neglected my blog for a few weeks. I was having a temporary seizure uptick. I am trying to get back into blogging, but am getting stuck on topics to write about. I’m going to use a book of writing prompts to get out of my rut. It is called 3000 Questions About My Future. This is the prompt I chose:

“How do you make a tough decision, and how much time do you allow yourself to think about the issue before you decide?”

Decisions can be hard for me if emotions are involved. I often resort to saying “no” instead of making a choice. When I have a more long term decision to make, I don’t always think about the steps to get there. Decisions in daily life are easy. If it’s a bigger decision, sometimes I freeze. I have had success with using graphic organizers to support my decision making. It is nice to see my decision or goal, with the steps needed to achieve it nearby. It can make a mountain of a goal feel manageable. This helps me stay calm and levelheaded when making my choice. It makes the situation factual instead of emotional. Decisions can be difficult for me, but I am grateful for strategies to make it easier.



  1. Good idea with the graphic organizer. This is good insight to the reason for “no” responses and realizing that a “no” may not actually be “no” but feeling unsure of what to choose.


  2. Every topic you write about is interesting… I would love to hear what you would have found helpful at six years old… my son is six and still struggling to communicate (he sees Maria now thanks to you!). Just wondering how I can best support and help him. He is the coolest guy.


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