Seizures and the Summertime

As the temperature heats up, my seizures seem to get worse. One major cause (we think) is more allergy particles are outside and I am spending more time outside doing things like bike riding. It leaves me with dilema. Do I stay inside and have fewer seizures or do I get outside and enjoy the sunshine? I am still changing meds so I hope they can stop the seizures that way. Thankfully, the seizures are small and manageable.

Doctors are still learning about seizures. Treatments are often trial-and-error. I was on many different meds over the years but I think my current medication will be the right one. Apparently, seizures are often worse when you are a teenager and can go away or fade as you get older. To learn more about seizures check out CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy) and the Epilepsy Foundation.

Me in the sunshine

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