Evaluating School Options

My school is thinking about how to start in the fall.  They are considering two options.  I have weighed the pros and cons of those options as well as my current schooling option below:

Option A – All remote for the semester. For me it would be for a class or two

  • Pros -Allows me to integrate without the classroom noise.  May be appropriate for most students.  
  • Cons I can’t always do classwork at a specific time if that is required

Option B – Starting remote and eventually getting to 50% of students onsite in class on a rotaional basis

  • Pros –  The classes would be smaller and less noisy
  • Cons –  COVID-19 risk

My Current Option – Edgenuity at home. This would at least partially continue under the other options

  • Pros – I am pretty familiar with it and can do it at my own pace.  There are a lot of class options
  • Cons – Can’t get more social opportunities.  Mom and dad are my instructors

All of these options are less than ideal. It makes me sad that we can’t resume our regular life. Being home all the time is difficult. I am interested to see how things progress. My parents typically give me a lot of say in matters, but this is even out of their hands. Ideally, I would really like to have my therapists back at my house again full time. If I was able to have that, I would be happy to give up the idea of school in person to protect my health, but continue making progress. I already have to be careful about germs, but this is far more serious. I am unsure that a remote structure with specific meeting times would be ideal for me. A self-paced program allows me to go at my own pace, especially when my seizures are out of control. School plans are different for everyone this year and I am having to evaluate options just like you and your family may be.



  1. Mitchell,

    As I read your post an idea came to me. I have been working this summer making plans to make sure our video game club is able to communicate, meet, and play virtually. Most of the clubs at the high school are making similar plans. If you’d like, I can compile a list of all the virtual clubs operating this Fall for you so that you can take a look and see if there is anything that interests you. I know I am interested to see what all the other club sponsors came up with to help you and all of your classmates maintain/develop those social connections we are all missing.

    Be well and peace.

    Mr. Z

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