State of Contentment

Every once in a while I fall apart. I am sad, mad, and hurt about everything. It’s hard to bounce back from. A lot of times I want to give up, but I am stronger than that. It can really wear on you having therapy all time, but I know it’s necessary. I’ve learned the importance of perseverance and knowing my limits. I am proud of who I am and understand that my life will always be a little bit different than the rest. I am content. A disability doesn’t have to define you. I live a fulfilled life of love and joy. I have a whole list of things to be grateful for.



  1. When my non-verbal 6 year old son doesn’t want to go to therapy I always tell him ‘you will thank me for this someday, I hope!’. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog after reading about you in the Chicago Tribune. My son may be non-verbal but I KNOW he understands what people say to him on more than a surface level. He seems to be very similar to you in many ways. (He also never points to the spoon, but can get a spoon from a drawer on request). I know in my heart that he will be able to communicate as effectively as you do someday. I can’t wait to hear (or read!!) what he’s thinking.


  2. I am autistic too. I saw the article about you in the Chicago Tribune and visited your blog. This post was the first I read. It’s very inspirational. I’m verbal and pretty independent but I am still autistic, and I have developed several mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. This post reminded me of things I need to be reminded of. So thank you for that. I hope you keep blogging.

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