A Piece of Advice to Families

Living with someone with a disability can be joyful and sad. I want to show you how to understand and deal with it. First, don’t take anything too seriously. We can be hilarious people; feel free to laugh! Not because we have a disability, because we have a sense of humor just like everyone else! Second, don’t take anything personally. Things happen. It’s not your fault. It may seem personal, but often it is our reaction to anxiety. We can’t live without the people who love us. We never want to upset you. You mean the world to us, truly. Third, remember to see our progress, even if things are still hard. While progress continues forever, we have already come so far. See the positives. You have to be easy on yourself. Everyone is doing their best.



  1. I have a son with non verbal autism. He can read and write simple words. I know he could benefit from the way you learned to communicate! Thank you


  2. Thank you for teaching me how to better love. Not taking another peoples response to anxiety personally is a beautiful way to respect and love other people. I’m going to work on recognizing actions for what they are and not think of them as an attack on me.


  3. I am learning that being nonverbal does not mean you don’t understand. It’s so exciting that you are able to communicate so well now. Thank you for your blog.


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