My Presentation About Letterboard

God bless the families who took the time to participate in our conference a few weeks ago. I hope you found the presentation to be informative, and I hope many of you consider trying letterboard. I know everyone is different, but letterboard works for many different people. Did you know I was not able to communicate until I learned letterboard? Now, I am able to do anything like go to school, talk to my family, and write this blog. I encourage everyone who is unable to speak to view my presentation about letterboard. I am certain you will enjoy watching.



  1. This is very good Mitchell. You are a bright light for other teens. Many are feeling hopeless and this gives a path and great possibility. I’m so glad you are doing a blog.


  2. Thank you Mitchell . My son is 5 years old and he is not verbal and he is learning the letter and thank your video we understand he can explain us a lot of thing throw the computer! Sorry for my bad English.. we are italian and you know that we are famous for spaghetti e pizza.. not for the languages;)


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