Like everyone by now, I finally got COVID and recently recovered. We had tried so hard to avoid it, but precautions only go so far when the rest of the world has moved on.

Catching COVID has been a major fear for me because of my PANDAS and epilepsy. Thankfully, it didn’t exasperate either malody. Being done with it and being on the other side, I now feel relieved to have gotten it. It was not enjoyable being home sick, but at least I’m not so scared of it anymore.

It is difficult to continue to care about being careful when everyone else seems to be carefree and enjoying life. While we are avoiding COVID, I feel like we are just avoiding people now for no reason because COVID can’t be avoided. The extra work to be safe is a bother and I know masks are difficult for many autistic people, so I really hope it is done soon. I will continue to wear masks if the risks warrant it.


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  1. I’m glad you are fully recovered.

    I recently recovered, myself, and accept the risks and responsibilities of connecting with community and building forward and up in this day and age.

    As always, wishing all the best.


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