My Life as a Homebound Student

In my post on 8/16/22, I talked about college and being in online classes. It made me reflect on my time as a homebound student. I spent most of high school online because of medical needs. I think some people think of homebound as missing out on life experiences, but that is not the case. It really opened the door for more life experiences. It allowed me to access classwork any time I needed to and continue crucial therapies, I wouldn’t have time for otherwise. I spent time in the hospital and didn’t fail any classes because I wasn’t on a specific deadline to follow. My classes were at my pace and not at the pace of the whole group.

I believe that there is a misconception that autistic students want the same life experiences as a neurotypical student, when that isn’t always the case. I tried to be more like a neurotypical student and didn’t like the experience for myself. If a student feels satisfied and successful with their journey, that is good enough.

The pandemic made life more accessible for people with disabilities in some ways. One of those ways was providing more access to quality digital education. It became the norm and for a few years, it was what everyone did. I have seen a tremendous difference in my education since being homebound. I hope others will begin to regard it just as highly as in-person education.


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