My New Dog

I recently got a new dog. It all happened very quickly and it has been very exciting for my family and I decided to name him Cooper, so I can vocalize the vowels in his name if I ever want or need to. It will also be in my device. I hope he will also listen to commands from my device or using sign language after some practice.

I don’t have any experience with dogs, so I have been learning how to interact with him. He is quite calm and loves to cuddle, which isn’t my favorite thing to do so I am working on tolerating it more. I do really like playing ball and going for walks, so I hope we can do more of that instead. I am not used to being the one to lead an interaction. I don’t always know how to initiate a game with him and that is something I still need help understanding. Cooper can probably figure it out better than I can at this point, so I think I would like to take a class to help me understand him more. Overall, I love having him around and I can’t wait to get to know him better.


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