My Exciting New Friends

A few weeks ago, I went to a 10k for autism awareness with kids from my speech clinic. I was a few years older than the other kids and had more experience using a letter board, so I got to practice my skills as an advocate for the day. At first I was a little bit nervous because there were a lot of people and activities. Small conversations with structure like a game of “Would You Rather” are my comfort zone and it was not an event that was really set up for that because the focus was on movement and games. When I got there, I warmed up fast though and learned how to appreciate being a kid outside of conversations too. I loved playing with the balloons and thought the bubble machine was hilarious. I have spent so many years fighting to be treated my age, especially in school, so I also fought being a kid. I rejected being a kid all together and refused all activities that were even slightly juvenile. I only wanted to do my blog and I realize now that teens still have fun leisure skills and it doesn’t make them less smart. The other spellers there inspired me so much. They were painting and having fun without trying to make it perfect or worrying what others thought of them. Even though I may have taught them about spelling, they taught me about being myself and I hope to see them again.


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