How do you keep yourself on track? I have always had bad self regulation when it comes to maintaining my own schedule and time. I have always relied on someone else to tell me where to be. I got a reminders app on my iPad, so I can practice following my own schedule without someone having to tell me what to do and when. I have been enjoying learning how to set and follow my reminders. It is sometimes hard, but I know it is something I can learn how to do myself because I have already improved so much. It amazes me how I can have so much independence when there is technology to help me. I am learning that I don’t always realize how much work is involved in regulating my time and I have been so lucky to have parents that have filled that role for me. I make a to-do list and it beeps when it is time to do something. While it is challenging to follow right now, I know I can do it because I have learned how to follow all different timers and alarms before.

Sample Sreenshot from Tasks: To-Do Lists & Reminders


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