Looking to the Fall and Winter

Activities are going to look a lot different during COVID without the ability to go outside like we could over the summer. I have used COVID as an excuse to get outside as much as possible. I have gone for walks, out on my scooter, and on the bike. They have really kept my energy regulated, so I have felt good. I can already see that being stir crazy is going to be an issue, so I am trying to be proactive in thinking of things to keep me busy. I hope to do a lot of reading and find digital ways to see my friends. Video chats used to be hard, but I have worked on it and now feel like it could be something I would enjoy. I really like playing Mario Kart and I wonder if there are any other video games I would enjoy. I am more interested in leisure activities lately than I have been in the past. I always associated leisure with immaturity so I avoided it because I wanted to be treated at my intelligence level. I am now more comfortable with myself, so I am just going to do what I like.


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