Motormorphosis Conference

This weekend I went to the Motormorphosis Conference in Virginia with my mom and therapist, Taylor. It was a conference for non-speaking autistic people. There were presentations by autistic people, their families, and researchers. An author even presented about her book, Life in Letters! It was a phenomenal experience because I never get to be surrounded by people like me.

I was inspired by their abilities to work, go to big colleges, and write books. Those are all goals of mine that I have been insecure about, but I know I am capable now. I think I am more disabled than I really am sometimes and this conference really opened up my eyes. I can do amazing things if I don’t get down on myself. I am bound to do great things if I just keep working because I have already come so far. I never thought I could be in general education or writing a blog. Here I am though and I am excelling!

I dream of doing advocacy like some of them do and I hope I can bring more letterboard users to Chicago. There needs to be a community for us and that can start with me. I’m even going to try to talk two of my therapists into teaching people how to use letterboards. They just don’t know that yet! Our community deserves change and I am on a mission! Some day the world will be full of people like me and the time is now. Let’s work together to bring about change!



  1. Welcome to the community Mitchell! It was great meeting you, your mom and Taylor this weekend. Julie and I from GKTC spoke with your mom yesterday. “It’s a whole new world” indeed and you will truly do great things. Sending positive vibes to you as you embark on your mission to enhance the lives of your peers! Spell on


  2. My son Matthew and I were also at the conference. Would have loved to meet you. Hopefully we will see you next year! Love your blog and your positivity. You are very inspiring!!


  3. Hi Mitchell! I saw you at the conference. My son Gregory also felt empowered by being there. Keep up the good work. You guys are going to change the world!


  4. Hi Mitchell!
    I saw you at the conference. My son Gregory also found the conference to be inspiring. Keep up the good work. People like you and my son are going to change the way in which our world views autism!


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