There is More Than Meets the Eye

I am more complicated than some may think. I am constantly thinking about everything and keep it to myself. I am much more intelligent than people know because I don’t speak. I am bright, strong, and persistent. I have thoughts and needs like everyone else, but sometimes people don’t realize that. Other people can say what they want, when they want to, but I am limited to when someone is trained to work with me or wants to hear it. I suppose they are too busy to take the time to learn or listen to me, but I have come to understand and be okay with that. I have a few who know how intelligent I am and I love them that much more because of it.

I have a hard time typing with new people. Maybe it’s because I’m scared they won’t get it or understand my sarcasm. Working with new people is difficult because I don’t like change or the unknown. That doesn’t mean I can’t learn, but it can be frustrating. I can get all scrambled up with my typing and it can be misunderstood as lack of intelligence. I try to say the answer, but jibberish comes out. I really have to be comfortable to be open.


One comment

  1. Dear Mitchelle
    You are amazing

    It is awesome hearing that you are leveraging technology to communicate with others.
    I wish your post will encourage other people to use the board to communicate when need be.
    I am also hoping that people that are not technology savvy like you will be able to use it.
    I have 3 family members with autism and am curious about your posting.
    Please keep up your amazing work and I will follow you to learn more.

    Warm wishes


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