Dating for Non-Speakers

Dating is not something I hear a lot about in any disability population, especially for non-speakers. I of course would like to go on dates or to a school dance, but I am not sure what that would look like. It would be so weird to have parents there, but I think having just about any communication partner on a date would be awkward. I think I would like just writing to someone to start.

Dating and relationships is an integral part of the human experience and I want to have that in some way. I am hopeful that it can be done because all people deserve love. I think going on a real date could be overwhelming, but something more untraditional could work.

The benefit of COVID has been learning how to communicate and stay in touch with other people from the comfort of home and I believe this will benefit non-speakers. We could build trust and comfort with a partner online before meeting in-person. It is something that I would like to work toward now that I am more comfortable with myself.

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