Social Opportunities

Finding social opportunities is tough for non-speakers. It is hard to find communication partners that take the time to understand our tendencies and how to communicate with us. I love the communication partners I have and it’s hard for me to get to know new people. I can get nervous with new people, which limits my social opportunities.

While my parents are great, I would love to participate with peers without them sometimes. In time, I might be able to type without a communication partner, but for now it is time for me to be better about accepting new people. This is the only way I will be able to go to adult living and have social opportunities that are more autonomous. While I would love for my letterboard-trained therapists to be there all the time, it’s just not realistic. I want to do more social and support groups and I am determined to have an open mind.


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  1. Hi Mitchell! My name is Lorenzo and I also use spelling to communicate for complex topics that I can’t say verbally. You don’t necessarily have to have a communication partner for some activities. I do various activities that don’t require much talking, like different sports.


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