I recently had a vision assessment done. I had to do a lot of tracking exercises which really pushed me. I have no problem with things being blurry vs clear. It is mainly being able to track things with my eyes the way I want to without them tiring out very quickly. I want to be able to read a book on my own without my eyes burning after only reading a few sentences. I can read, just not for a long time and not without help knowing where I am at on the page. Reading is my favorite thing to do and it frustrates me that it is not something I can do alone in my room without help. I will keep pushing myself to meet this goal because it’s very important to me. The testing confirmed what I already knew. My eyes are all over the place. If I look too far in one direction, my eyes shoot the other way. It drives me crazy. It makes screen use exceptionally hard. I fatigue after just a few hours and it makes me not want to use technology. People don’t always think about the implications of vision. This is especially true if the person doesn’t need glasses. I believe all people who have AAC devices should have a vision test done by an OT because we need our vision more than speaking people to communicate adequately.

Me at speech working on using my device


  1. Thank you, Mitchell, for sharing this. We have a lot of vision issues and they make it very hard to use a letter board or an AAC device. Please know that your comments help us as a bridge between the ones who are doing our best to troubleshoot and the ones who don’t have a way to explain how they could be helped.
    Thanks again.


  2. Hi Mitchell,
    Your post about using your eyes and visual fatigue was super helpful. My eyes get tired and have a hard time coming together to focus on 1 point – and they often jerk away. Also sometimes the print gets wavy like its vibrating. My son John has always had a hard time reading – and it seems he is dyslexic…but I notice that he can’t always find where he was reading or keep track of what the words are that are next. Maybe he should have a vision evaluation too – did you have to do exercises?


  3. Thank you for this information. What is the device or app you type with? The keys are often small and this looks like it might’ve easier for my son I didn’t know he could read for a long time because he looks sideways


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