The Necessity of Headphones

Many people with autism choose to wear noise-cancelling headphones. I love wearing mine and they help for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it drowns out a lot of the extra noises that actually cause me pain. When the extra noise like food cooking, other conversations, and chairs moving is removed, I can focus much better. My headphones allow me to focus on the person who is talking to me at a comfortable volume. While they may not look the best, my days are always better when I can have them. There can be a lot of societal and family pressure to keep them off, but I think our society should learn to normalize them.



  1. Great post, Mitchell. We have a granddaughter, age 3, who wears them a lot. It is so cool to hear your personal experience with them. Hopefully people will come to accept them as a tool you can use to be able to focus anywhere and any time.


  2. Hi Mitchell ! My son has headphones just like yours.They were of great help at school,where there was a lot of noise he couldn’t stand.So in the beginning he used them a lot,then just once in a while,but we always remembered him they are there if he needed.So they actually helped him desensitize,and I think it is a great tool if it makes your lifes easier.


    • Hi Mitchell! Kudos to you for explaining why these headphones are important to you! I have a non-verbal son like too, and your blog’s give me great insight into what life is like in his shoes… thanks so much!!!


  3. This is a great article Mitchell. Thank you for helping me better understand our son. Keep up the good work!!! 🙂


  4. Hi Mitchel! I love your blog. My son is non-speaking. He does not have autism but noise is an issue with him. He puts his fingers in his ears when he needs to. I would like to encourage him to wear headphone. Could you recommend a comfortable pair? He has sensory challenges with things on his face or head. He has a shunt since birth. I have always tried to understand why he does not like to wear glasses of headphones! His communication skills with his AAC device are not as advanced as of yes to give me specifics. Thank u for your help and keep blogging! We love it!
    Veronica McGee in Birmingham,Al


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