Autism Is a Changing Idea

I believe that I can do what neurotypical people do, but I need to do things in a different way. I see autism as a gift that I have been given. People see it and feel bad. I get to do things no one else can such as, see therapists that think I am amazing and go on trips to learn about RPM. RPM stands for rapid prompting method and was created by Soma Mukhopadhyay. It is a way of communicating and learning. I use a letter board to speak because I am non-verbal. It has given me a voice beyond what I could have imagined. People have tried to make me communicate in different ways before, but I couldn’t stand the limitations.

There are many methods and ideas surrounding autism. I feel that intellectual handicaps with autism are over diagnosed because we can’t speak. If you couldn’t speak, would you want to be talked to like a toddler? It is really degrading and hurtful to me. I believe anyone could benefit from this way of life. People just need to try to understand and listen to us like we matter. I have had a few special people who really get me and it has changed my life. They took the time to get to know me and I have been able to make great progress because of it! I hope that reading this will help you open your heart and mind to people with autism because we really are awesome.



  1. Hi Mitchell,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story! Ms. Johnson shared with me that you had started this. I think that it is awesome and I feel many will benefit from your blog.
    Please keep writing and sharing, there are so many that would love to follow you!!
    Maggie O’Hara Off Campus Coordinator, Highland Park High School

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  2. You really are awesome Mitchell ! I know for sure because I have an awesome son with autism.I will read to him what you wrote,for inspiration.He is in the beggining stages of RPM and a little open ended,so we hope he will get where you are know. We are from Romania .

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  3. Hi Mitchell, love your blog. I think the more you can educate people about autism the more they will understand you and others! Keep up the blog! Love, Aunt Mary

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  4. Mitchell, I have a feeling you are going to receive many more readers because of the story in the Chicago Tribune. My 3 year old grandson is nonverbal, but he knows how to do basically everything other kids do, including use an iPad. RPM gives me some hope that he will be able to communicate with us. Thank you for writing!


  5. Hi Mitchell I heard about your blog on Facebook because of the Chicago Tribune article and I am so happy to read it. Keep writing! I can’t wait to read more.


  6. Hi Mitchell,
    Thank you for sharing your life with us! You are an inspiration. I look forward to keeping up with your posts and learning more about the awesome person you are!


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