Voting seems like a very minor thing in the busy and sometimes chaotic life of being a non-speaker. I do think it is important to make a point to go do it.

As autistic people, our voices are often not heard, and voting is our chance to ensure they are. There are many issues that directly impact autistic people. We can vote to better our futures. Funding for disabled people is essential for our well-being and we need to make sure we have a voice in that conversation.

While it may feel that your one voice does not make a big difference, together our voices can make changes. We are a large population, and we have a unique perspective others cannot bring. I truly believe our votes matter, and I encourage autistic adults to get out and vote and hope that caregivers reading this will help support their autistic loved ones in making it to voting days.

Now is the time to register, so you are ready to vote in the next election!

My mom and I voting yesterday

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