I’ve had a lot of nerves surrounding things in my personal life recently. It has been very stressful, but this blog isn’t meant for complaining about that. I’d like to reflect on how my stress response has changed. I have grown to the point where stress no longer cripples me. I no longer react behaviorally or by getting stuck with depression. It is harder because I have to be more open about where I am emotionally with others. I am in a tough patch right now, but I am trying to be honest, not make impulsive decisions, and continue getting my work done. I so badly want to help others and be a good advocate, but in the past, I have put helping other people above myself and struggled for it.

I was in a rut recently and decided to ask for a strategy that has worked for me in the past. Sometimes when my mind is racing, it is helpful to illustrate my thoughts using a mind map. I put all of my negative thoughts down to get them out and then I brainstorm possible solutions and strategies. I can take a deep breath after I finish because I know I have processed everything. Processing visually is key for non-speakers. Speakers have the luxury of being able to talk things through with their friends and family. Putting it onto a visual map is an easy way for a non-speaker to put feelings on paper and let it go.


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  1. Mitchell, you are amazing. I always learn something about myself each time I read your blog! Thank you for being so brave.


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