New Communication Partner

I have a new communication partner at home. It’s the first time I have had someone new and consistent in a few years. I worked with new people more often before the pandemic. I think one of the biggest impacts of the pandemic for disabled people was lack of comfort with staff coming into homes. I was feeling very stagnant with my home programming, so it has been refreshing to mix things up.

Non-academic activities can be hard for me because they are less structured and I don’t always see the benefits. Academic work is easy for me to feel fulfilled by because there are clear end goals and deadlines. Fun activities don’t have a clear objective, so I don’t always value them. My new communication partner shows me how to have fun and teaches me that sometimes fun is my clear objective for the day. I don’t always have to be working on a school or therapy goal. I’m so fortunate to have him.



  1. I’m glad your new communication partner is showing you how to have fun! Fun makes our lives enjoyable, and sometimes can get us through some very hard times. We all need things that give us that endorphin boost! Especially with all the stress the pandemic has brought us. I know a lot of autistic people get a lot of fun out of their special interests, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to interact with other autistic people, sharing special interests (whether the other person has the same special interest or not) is one of the ways autistic people connect with each other that is different from NTs. (I’m trying to think which article of Jim Sinclair’s describes this better than I can, but I’m not succeeding, I don’t think. It might be the one on The History of ANI. I’m not sure.)


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